Blog: Best Church Stuff

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What I Did

As a personal project, I created a blog called Best Church Stuff to highlight technology and other resources available to churches.

I serve as editor of this small blog, and it’s entirely a volunteer project for me right now, but I also wrote one of the articles, 5 Amazing Sources for Church Stock Media.

Skills Demonstrated

I built the website on WordPress using the Divi plugin. With the help of plugins and CSS tweaks, I was able to get the visual style that I wanted, and it was a great way to teach myself how to organize content in a way that would come across as visually appealing to people visiting a website.

My experience commissioning writers to write articles and editing them helped me learn how to communicate objectives to people and see small projects to completion.

About Me

Hi! I’m Jacob Pritchett and I like solving problems.

Check out my portfolio and connect with me on LinkedIn!

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